PIA Lab Choice (SB 340)

COA Voting, In Favor Of, Need Action

1/25/2024 – COA’s PIA lab choice legislation reduces turn-around time, more examples needed

SB 340, COA’s legislation to allow optometrists to go outside the PIA to get eyeglasses manufactured has passed the Senate and has been referred to Assembly Health Committee. The administration is making the case that they have improved turn-around times since our bill has been introduced, which is true in some cases, but some problems still exist. If you are having problems with the PIA, please contact Kristine Shultz. We need your examples to show this bill is still needed.

Past updates

September 2023 – COA’s sponsored legislation to allow optometrists to get eyeglasses made outside the Prison Industry Authority (PIA) system is still alive and eligible for hearing next year. Click here to send a letter to your lawmakers in support of these bills.

COA supports SB 340 (Eggman), which would allow optometrists to get Medi-Cal eyeglasses from a private lab. The bill passed the Senate Public Safety Committee and will next be heard in Senate Appropriations Committee.