Minimum Wage


10/20/2023 – $25 minimum wage mandate won’t apply to most optometry offices

A new law would increase the minimum wage for many health care workers, but most private and corporate optometry practices would not be subject to the new law.

The new law is the second minimum wage increase Governor Newsom has signed. Last month, he signed a law raising the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 per hour. Both wage increases are the result of years of lobbying by labor unions, which have significant sway in the state’s Democratic-dominated Legislature.


A last minute legislative deal would raise pay for many California health care workers; however, most optometry offices would be excluded from the requirement. This new rule would only apply to optometry offices that are part of a health system with a hospital included, community clinic or physician group with more than 25 physicians.

Workers at larger hospitals and dialysis clinics would be the first to see the increase, starting in 2026, followed by community clinics and other health facilities. Employees at smaller and rural hospitals will have to wait until 2033 to see the $25 bump.

Awaiting governor’s signature.