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There are many member benefits but here are a few good ones.

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Free CE

SJOS offers 20 hours of CE every year free to members.

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Protect the Profession

New threats are always emerging that can affect how you practice. Becoming a member helps support the COA to fight and protect optometry.

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Free Legal Advice

Members get 2 hours of legal counsel free every month.

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As a legislative profession, our strength comes in numbers. If you are a practicing optometrist in the San Joaquin Valley, SJOS provides a tremendous amount of services including participation with vendors, continuing education events, volunteer activities, and much more. In addition, SJOS provides assistance in communicating opportunities, sales of equipment, as well as the sale of your practice. SJOS is a great opportunity to network with optometrists local to the San Joaquin Valley. If you would like additional information, please contact any of our board members.

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  1. Easy - Call Jodi Haas at (916) 266-5038. It takes about 2 minutes and no paperwork!
  2. Complete this application.

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